Luxurious Handmade Knitwear & Semi-Precious Stone Jewelry


Two Stix 5 Stones specializes in fashion forward knits made freehand, as well as semi-precious stone accessories which complement the items. Styles include one-of-a-kind, as well as limited edition pieces made of mostly natural fibers. As many as 16 hand-blended yarns can be found in any garment. These luxury items can be recognized from a distance because of their unique appearance, The Detroit Institute of Arts recently featured several items at an Exhibition at the museum.


About Beth (Creative Designer)

The path to designing knitwear and accessories evolved over a period of time, a few years after receiving a B.A. in Architecture. She was not passionate about architecture, and was miserable working in offices with tyrant bosses.

To express her creativity, Beth decided to focus on fashion design, graphic design, art, and photography. This interest led directly to business. For years, knitting and art were only hobbies. But now, it is all about passion plus business. She does however attribute her architecture background to helping her develop unique edgy designs.



July 2017: Saugatuck Waterfront Invitational, "Coral Bliss Taylor Award"

August 2017: Grand Haven Art on the Riverfront, "2nd Place for Best in Show"



2015-2016: Detroit Institute of Art, Featured Artist at The 30 Americans Exhibition